It’s What’s Inside That Counts

Archifibe shapes the future of acoustical performance by unleashing the power of color and material sustainability. We specialize in converting sustainable raw materials into acoustical workplace ware that helps enhance focus for workers within working environments.

We’re like the canvas and paint of your creative project, the raw material essence of what goes into the making of acoustic boards, barriers, panels and baffles. Stylize your work environment with aesthetically pleasing shapes, sizes and colors!

Unleash the Power of Sustainable Acoustics

Imagine removing all plastics from the ocean and landfills and restoring environmental balance. At Archifibe, our business is transformational, literally. Our manufacturing process uses natural and synthetic fiber to create acoustical sheets that are then cut by design to meet the demand for acoustical performance. By upcycling in this way, we’re giving you another reason to make sustainable decisions in the products that you select.


From tranquil repose settings to more neutral focus spaces and collaborative areas featuring stylish boldness, Archifibe offers you an unparalleled array of color options to suit every palette. Whether you’re enticed by our collection or looking to create your own, our color development professionals help you define your environment.

Bringing the Material World to Your Doorstep

At Archifibe, we search the earth for natural and recyclable materials in raw or finished forms. Then we locally source them to give you both choice and control.

Adding wood veneer finishes to your palette is akin to pairing great food with the right wine. Archifibe offers an assortment of Veneer options that show your taste and enhance the flavor of your environment.

Serving our customers and manufacturing partners globally